The company «BashPromEngineering» LLP

is engaged in the supply of equipment for the oil and gas industry. And also
provides equipment maintenance services.
We supply such equipment as:
  • Metering units
  • Spare parts for metering unit
  • Devices for well dewaxing
  • Flow meters
  • Pig launching-receiving device
  • Oilfield Equipment
  • Valve manifold
  • Chemical injection block
  • Equipment for seismic exploration
We also provide maintenance services:
  • Technical support
  • Metering units maintenance and repair
  • Well dewaxing
  • Maintenance of the dewaxing device
Full name: BashPromEngineering Limited Liability Partnership Abbreviated name: BashPromEngineering LLP
General Director: Apalkov Alexey Anatolyevich
Legal address: 050000, Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Bostandyksky district, Si Sinhaya str., 16.
Phone +7 (707) 150-1140
Contact us: